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We Carry out extensive full vehicle inspections to the latest LTSA requirements. We are tested by the LTSA on a regular basis to ensure our quality of inspections is fine.



Bronze Service

  • Carry out service check.
  • Drain oil, remove and change oil filter.
  • Refill with recommended oil.
  • Inspect tyres, inflate to correct pressure and dress.

Silver Service

  • Bronze Service plus.
  • Check wipers and washers.
  • Remove and check air filter.
  • Check transmission fluid.
  • Check battery.
  • Check cooling system.
  • Check and top up fluid levels as required.
  • Inspect under side of vehicle.
  • Inspect suspension components and grease.
  • Lubricant door hinges.
  • Road test.

Gold Service

  • Silver Service plus.
  • Full comprehensive vehicle inspection.
  • Check, clean and replace spark plugs if required.
  • Inspect and replace pollen filter.
  • All wheels removed and brakes inspected.
  • Anti freeze and brake fluid checked to meet manufactures standards.
  • Resetting of service light if required.
  • Attach diagnostic scanner to check for faults.

Price varies according to type of vehicle.

Any faults found will be notified prior to work being carried out.


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